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Parasitic/“Dangerous” Plants
I really want to start a collection (indoors obv.) of parasitic, dangerous (not poisonous per say), invasive, etc. to see and witness what they do. Know parasitic plants aren’t really on the market right now and probably never will be (for obvious reasons) so I thought I would turn to the #GregGang to see if they have any of these plants in their yard, know where to get these plants, and any recommendations for other plants like this. Right now I’m looking for Broomrape. If you have any recommendations for clear pots or clear soil please let me know! Thanks! #NoahProblematicPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PlantTherapy #RarePlants
It will take some searching but you can probably find seeds for sale online like this:

To get a variety hopefully you can find some in the wild to adopt :) if you have a nearby college with agriculture type studies they could be a great resource for finding out what kinds are growing in your area and whereabouts you might find them. For instance our nearby college has a mycology department and locals report spottings of mushrooms to them so they've got a general map of what grows where
Noah what you doing over there 😂😂 you got me searching google about parasitic plants 😭😂🤣
@Vjunc lol same!!!
@PlantyPlanter I have one. Don’t ever let ajuga get anywhere close to your yard. We use weed killer but it only works partly and keeps coming back. Extremely aggressive! Both the purple and the green leaved.
@AC73LoveCats you have Broomrape?!
@PlantyPlanter No, we have ajuga, both kinds. You asked for examples of invasive plants. Ajuga is the worst!
@AC73LoveCats ohhh ok!
Mint may be worse than ajuga lol..... never never never plant mint in the ground!!!

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