Posted 1Y ago by @Pastel

White stuff on plant

I found these white spots on it and I was wondering was causes it and how to stop it?
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 11 months ago
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I think scale then good luck!
I think it's mealy bugs . But let's wait for others to reply.
Can I see a few more pictures closer to the bug? Looks like scale to me. The first picture is mealy bugs and they’re fluffy looking and the second picture is scale it’s not fluffy and comes off when you scrape it. To get rid of scale isolate your plant and use isopropyl alcohol on a qtip and touch the scale bugs and they will die and fall off. I would use neem oil and or water mixed with dish soap in a spray bottle to spray the leaves and wipe them down to kill any eggs
@Megongreg Thank you! They’re kinda crunchy and come off when I scrap
That’s scale πŸ’―. I’ve been battling it for weeks.