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Help with my watermelon plant.
I was about to give her a bigger pot when I noticed small bugs on her roots. Help? Any suggestions on getting rid of them and causes?
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When is the last time you watered it? Alcohol with a little water mixed And spray it on the plant and soil. Don't saturate though. It'll kill anything on contact and cinnamon will help prevent fungi and also keep gnats and other pests away.
What the bugs look like? Always best to keep peperomia in the same pot for as long as you can. They don't like spacious pots they like to be nice and snug and little over crowded in their pots. They like those tight squeezes.
@KrunchyWrap ahhh ok, I’ll make a note of this.
@KrunchyWrap I watered it last week. I can’t even see the tiny bugs on the camera lol. They’re so small. But I’m gonna create a mix and use that moving forward. Thank you!
No problem! Sounds like it could be gnats. My peperomia always droop like that when they are thirsty

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