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Mealybugs- ew!!!
Help!!! My plant has been dying and I just now realized that I might’ve been seeing mealybugs and thinking it was sap or something normal. I bought insect spray and hopefully I’m not too late.
Does anyone have 1- advice for how to clean them, 2- words of comfort so I don’t feel like a dummy, 3- anything to help nausea because these bugs make me want to throw up 🫣😰🤢
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Hey! It’ll be alright mistakes happen! Luckily mealy bugs are the easiest to deal with since they are big, slow, and very visible! Best way to get rid of the larger ones is just alcohol on a q tip and dabbing the lil beasts! And spray down your plants with that insect soap and a tiny amount of dish soap! Keep up with that for a couple weeks and it’ll clear up! Make sure you keep that plant away from other and if it was touching anyone else treat them too! If you see your plant still declining they might be on the roots too! So if your in the US I recommend Bonnie’s systemic insecticide (keep in mind that it’s only for indoor only, it can hurt pollinators) if you want to avoid repot shock
Deep breathe, it’s gonna be okay! 💚 Mealybugs are annoying, but thankfully easy to get rid of. The insect spray is a good start. I also like to clean the leaves by wiping them on both sides with a diluted soapy water. It might help to isolate any effected plants, too! For prevention, I do weekly sprays with gentle, natural products like mint/other essential oil blends and neem oil. Best of luck!
#3) close your eyes or pepto bismol lol
#2 you got this!! I’m battling gnats at the moment!!
#1) just keep spraying, ignore, pray and spray again?!?!
I water with mosquitoes bits and alcohol alternating of course
@jcPlantProper made me think of my Mayoi and the stem was sticky. I wiped her down and noticed there is a "skin" on the stem. IDK how to describe it. Is this normal or pest related? I went OCD and started peeling but maybe it's supposed to be that way?
@AwesomePlants uhhh j wouldn’t peel it. It may just be kind of like a reptile molting as it grows?
@AwesomePlants it looks normal. My philo gets it
@jcPlantProper whew! Ty! Just looked at other philos and some have the same. Never noticed it before🤷🏿‍♀️ @lazyplantparent @Planthoader @PrimoTauhinu @AwesomePlants @jcPlantProper thank you guys so much!!!! I feel so much better. I really appreciate it and will do my best to save my little guy ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹
@itsmekellyg anytime!! We will do anything for our kids!!

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