Posted 2w ago by @kaiguy87

Monsteras got the creepy-crawlies
I’ve got a monstera that suddenly started discolouring, small patches of browning…and in the brown spots, these started showing up. Now, I do woodwork, and at first I assumed these were tiny wood filings and shavings… but they’re not. Not gnats, not spider mites…but I’ve never seen Aphids like these. Thoughts, HumansOfGreg?
I believe they’re thrips!!! Please quarantine your plant so they don’t get on the others 🥺
@Kwanna you get a gold star!
@Ms.Persnickety and you get a gold star!
@PlanTitaAlyx and you get a gold star!
Thank you for the quick responses! I showered and hand wiped and isolated and then sang Dolly Parton songs to them and they are doing just fantastic! Thrip-less are we!

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