Posted 3w ago by @EarthlySoybean

The he ok? I realize he might never do anything other than look cute, but is he dying?
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
The dirt looks dry....could be under watered. It is hard to tell as these are really just a leaf. As long as mine is green I am happy.
Make sure you’re fertilizing it a few times a year! They MAY eventually grow a plant out of it if you do that and give it adequate light
It’s true! They will grow πŸ₯³ I have one for myself (pictured) and gave one to my mom, and hers has grown even more! Biggest difference in growth was when I moved to the sunniest spot in my place. 🌞
It's totally normal for them to not grow and just stay like that. It has to do with how those are cut from a bigger plant.
I’m new to Hoyas but I noticed when I submerge when watering they do better between waterings. If you have a drainage hole that will work
That's amazing @Bayley I need to move mine asap!!🀩🀩🀩

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