Posted 1M ago by @ActualKingfern

Leaves stopped growing

My rubber plant leaves have stopped growing at various lengths. Does it need more light?
10” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
You have a new leaf growing there in the pic, congratulations! I've started taking mine outside now on the not-so-windy days, but I still have to bring it in at night here in Northern Ohio. Smaller leaves in the dark winter, bigger and more plentiful leaves in the bright summer. Here's a pic of my next new leaf for comparison
Your Ronaldo looks healthy and robust to me!
They are like people, they’re all a little different. My rubber tree has different size leaves as well. The more sunlight, the more energy the plant will make. Just don’t put it in direct light or it will struggle.
@GroovyStrapwort the new leaf has been at that same size for a very long time, and is not growing any bigger. Is that normal?
As in not unfurling