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My polka is growing rapidly… I hear they have a one year lifespan but you can prolong it indoors (it lives indoors) - should I be clipping it and propogating? How do I make it last?
6” pot
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Polka dot plants grow quickly and tend to get leggy without regular pruning!

To encourage fuller growth and maintain the desired shape and size, pinch back the stem tips periodically throughout the growing season. Also pinch off any flower spikes that may develop. 😊🌿
I chop mine constantly 😂 probably made 6 cuttings in 6 months. As soon as it looks leggy I chop the top off and stick it in a terrarium/prop box. I’ve given a few as gifts and kept many in different places. If you’re always propagating it or it’s babies you’ll never be without one ☺️
I'm so glad you asked this. 😊

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