Posted 2w ago by @Traumamami

Did I possibly over water my girl?

I just repotted her 2 days ago and gave a bit of fertilizer and now she looks the way she does (her current picture.) Should I skip her next watering? #Echeveria
1ft to light, indirect
3โ€ pot without drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
I dont think so but i do notice a few things. As overwatering is more longer term but she doesn't look happy

They dont like thier leaves getting wet so i would water from the bottom of the pot or try and water underneath the leaves.

That pot should have a drainage hole in the bottom but as its terracotta it does allow the soil to breath, so the roots don't stay wet they really dont like sitting in water.

They do like being low in the pot but not with soil touching the leaves so scrape off the soil that is touching the bottom leaves.

When you do water the soil should be completely dry before you do.

I would not use normal soil with echiveras, they are succulents and wont like it, they like soil with more bark/perlite/gravel/etc that helps the water drain so the roots arent soggy.

And you barely need to fertilise these and other succulents they are used to neutriant poor soil so anything this a bit of organic in it will be more than enough.