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Fiddle Help
Hey y’all! So I have a fiddle. Always wanted one so all I want is for her to thrive, but so far she’s doing awful… she keeps dropping leaves the past two months and it’s like a kick to the gut every time. I have her near the window so she gets light the whole day. Not full sun though, more indirect since the only place I can put her has houses blocking the sun’s full blast. I repotted her with nice draining soil mix, but it seems like she needs even more drainage. The pot does have a hole. Does anyone have their fiddle in indirect light? What soil and tips can you give me? Thank you! 😭 #FiddleLeafFig
12” pot
Last watered 3 days ago
Hey Ashley!

Is there anyway you can get it more light? Mine lives outside on my patio in Austin. They just love light sooooo much!

Can you provide a picture? That can also help. Leaf dropping is normally light but can be a few other things too.
Welcome to Greg, Ashley! Think of the BRIGHTEST spot in your house ... THAT'S where your FLF should go.

I have one inside, but I have moved all the others outside. They LOVE the sun.

Is your plant still in the plastic nursery pot?
@Ashplants don’t feel bad I have a droopy FLF too and it’s in then brightest window I have. It’s a south facing window. I have tried everything to get it from being droopy.
@RJG Hey Drew. I don’t have a better window for her… I thought it would get enough here. :( I will definitely send a picture soon
@sarahsalith I moved it into plastic pot similar size since the one it was in was broken.
@KikiGoldblatt Thank you! What kind of soil do you have it in? I followed all the tips I could find online when mixing soil for it. Mines in a northwest facing window.
If your plant isn't getting enough sunlight, I would consider getting a grow light for it.

Grow lights have come so far now - you can get a good one and put it in a lamp and shine the lamp on your plant.

People get these plants because they are beautiful, but it is sometimes hard to find the plant's happy spot.

My inside FLF is surviving well, but the space between the nodes are getting long because it's not getting the amount of sun it requires to have all the compact growth. It is perched in between a south-facing and four west-facing windows.

My fiddle leaf fig that is outside has lots and lots of compact growth. The growth will slow in the winter time as the days become shorter, but they always bounce back when the weather warms. 
@sarahsalith Yeah for sure! I waited to get one until I moved into this house because it had great light coming in when we first moved in, and now they’ve built houses in front so it blocked off some of the sun and I am bummed. I feel awful because it seems like it’s in a sunny window but I still don’t think it’s enough now. I just got some grow lights last night. Just have to figure out where to place them since my fiddle is taller and I can’t hang anything from the ceiling since we are renting.
@Ashplants I have a mixture of soil that @sarahsalith gave me.
Mine seems pretty happy under this grow light! I got 2 full spectrum bulbs off Amazon for $8.
You said you repotted her, so that could explain some of the leaf drop :) they are VERY moody. Hard to say about the light without some pictures but there's PLENTY of other reasons a FLF may be tossing leaves #dramaticplants but as the others said it wont grow as full unless they are getting LOTs of light

Since you suggested your soil may not be draining enough I'm assuming it's staying moist too long? My FLFs like their soil to get pretty dry between watering. I always check the soil before watering when Greg tells me to because if it's staying too moist my FLF stop growing and eventually have a fit. I don't water until it's pretty dry, like first 2 inches dry, and that keeps them happy #stopthedrop good luck!

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