Posted 2M ago by @LovelyBluegrama

Why are the ends of my friend getting brown and falling o...

6ft to light, indirect
9” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
This can happen for a number of reasons - low humidity, tap water that’s too hard or too soft, fertilizer issues or inconsistent water. And sometimes it just happens. If you look around at plants when you’re out for a walk lots of them have blemishes and more! Your plant card looks perfect for the dracaena. Check humidity and increase if too dry (heater? A/C?). And check to make sure the southern exposure hasn’t gotten too intense. I had a ponytail palm in a southern window and its tips kept browning. I realized after moving to a southwest exposure that she was getting too much sun (too intense or too many hours).
@MariansOasis Thank you! I was thinking it’s to cold in my house for all my plants .
My dragon plant is drooping is it because of the water it's not perky no more the leaves just hang down over the pot I want to know what to do about it please help thank you