Posted 1M ago by @AndreTheAqua

Why is it already growing white stuff on top of the soil?

I got Fallen Bro 3days ago I repoted him like every other new plant I get into a new designated pot I get em I did a pretty chuky mix cuz he doesn't like to have his feet wet with a big drainage hole pot and now analyzing the plant and how it was doing it already had mold growing that I read is not good? What do you guys suggest doing? #Philodendron
7ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
This mold is harmless to the plant in my experience, it just means that the soil doesn’t get a lot of light and it’s wet ( this isn’t a bad thing you want the leaves of your plant to get sunlight not necessarily the soil) so mold starts growing. You can just wipe the mold off it won’t hurt your plant.
Yes, it could probably benefit from a brighter spot.
You can also sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on top of the soil to help stave that growth as it is anti-fungal antibacterial, etc.