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Will it propagate?
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why did you stab it lol, anyway it looks to be a sedum and those propagate easily in soil so that may be a better option
edit: you say you’ve been misting, i switched from misting to actual watering after roots started forming and they started growing faster :) also it might be a light problem too, mine started growing more leaves after i gave them more sun
What plant is that from?
To be honest I don’t know all I know is it’s a type of succulent I got it at ace/true value and all it said was succulent and Greg didn’t know
@ABCD but you can go to my oasis and find it on there that’s what Greg said it was lolοΏΌ
If it is a succulent I recommend placing the end in soil and watering it occasionally
@allisona well last time I did that I had them in there for like 5 months and they ended up just dieing
Strange mine seem to grow well
I thought it was a pickle.. I must be hungry 😬
@ManyLime ok I see now every time I look at it I’m gonna think pickle I mite as well name it that πŸ˜‚
@allisona well I misted mine and everything but they didn’t work
@allisona how long down it often take yours to come up
@Kenze_7125 🀣🀣
Because I didn’t have any other way to keep them up πŸ˜‚
@Kenze_7125 ah i see lol

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