Posted 3M ago by @Nayelilopezz7

plant turning black

i recently repotted this plant into a smaller pot the plant is turning brown and if u look at the stem it is black. what should i do? how would i chop it to promote growth?
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7ft to light, indirect
3โ€ pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
Typically when repotting it's into a bigger pot, not smaller. Could be shock of the transplant and smaller container. Next, if brown and dry it could be under watering or too much light. If brown and wilty could be over watering or over fertilizing.
@SassyRedsword i put into a smaller pot cuz the pot it was in was way too big for it
This signals overwatering to me. How long was it in the larger pot, and how often was it watered?