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Will she be okay?

Happy #WhatTheSuccWednesday #GregGang today I have a #SucculentSquad question about Hope. My #Peperomia fell a few days ago and I think she’s mostly okay but I’m worried about the branch that’s dropping. Will she be okay?
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
In the big picture, your plant should be fine. (:

If the stem is bent or crimped, you can make a little splint for it out of tape and toothpicks!

If the growth of the stem declines, you can always cut it off an put it back in the soil to grow more roots!

Hopes are trailing plants so they are used to flopping about at times.
Just want to second that these look great when they trail 😁 And if the branch looks like it’s failing after at some point, you can always propagate it πŸ‘πŸ»
Hi Ashley!
I agree with @sarahsalith and @debbiedo that as long as the branch isn't damaged it's just the natural growth direction. Mine used to be in a window and went up and down, but since I put it under a grow light it's mostly growing down 🀷🏽
@debbiedo @sarahsalith @PlantMompy I didn’t realize that hopes were a trailing plant too. But now I know and the branch doesn’t have any visible signs of damage and it’s still really green after almost a week of falling.