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Hen 'n Chicks
I've had hundreds of Hens and Chicks growing outside. Took a few to Florida for my daughter, they're not doing well. She says they don't grow inside, well I'm going to try...
Meet Chicaletta 🪴 #happyplants #lovesuccs #happyplants #greggang
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Aww! Let us know how they grow! (:
Just replanted mine. They are itty bitty and just weren’t making it on mama plant
@Sassylimey I counted 13 new ones on my 2 mothers today! 🤗
That's awesome @WholeRockcress, they're fun plants. Sometimes the mother plant will bloom then sadly she dies but leaves her little chicks to grow 🪴
@Sassylimey I read that earlier today. It’s apparently normal for them but I didn’t know until today that happened
@Sassylimey Awww 🥰 please keep us posted. 🙂
I don’t have good experience with hens’n’chicks. Mine died recently. So I decided I won’t deal with these plants anymore.
@vvvelo I'm just trying this out in the house, I have hundreds outside in planters and I planted some in my garden, they're tough plants, they make it through North east Ohio winters and truly I neglect them outside. I wanted to experiment with one inside, I'll see how it does!! 👀🧐🪴💚
@vvvelo what happened to them? How did they die? I’m sorry to hear
@WholeRockcress they were sitting in a soil and living over fine, except there were no roots on those plants… eventually they lost all juice in leaves and lost any hope they are going to live.
@vvvelo I wonder why they didn’t have roots…maybe root rot 🤔

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