Posted 2M ago by @VermontPrincess

Hi all! I just picked up this stunning alocasia at my loc...

3ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Hello!! 🤗 I have yet to own and care for an alocasia so I sadly have no advice, but I wanted to say this plant is sooo pretty!! ✨
@JesssJungle hello!! I agree 😍🤩 the picture does not do it justice, the red is sparkly and iridescent in the sun ☀️
No advice but it’s beautiful and telling me that I will kill it so I won’t buy one lol 😂
@Ninabeena it was only $12 😝 I couldn’t help myself
Wow! What a stunner 😍 and TWELVE BUCKS?! That's not even a tenner (in British lol)... You got a total steal 🥰 x
@VermontPrincess I have 3 Alocasia. A frydek,regal shield and dragon scale. Mine are still babies, but I have found that they are doing really good for me just plenty of sunshine. They love to have good humidity and water when the top 2 inches of so dry out 
This is my Frydek new leaf so seems to be working so far 
@PoisedAlbo thank you!
Hi my mom just got me this pink mini rose and caterpillars keep on eating them
Text any advice I would like to know more about
Great find!!!!