Posted 1w ago by @FragrantHedera

Why are the leaves yellowing? Theres a new yellow leaf every 5 days. It gets good light and I water once a week?
Typically yellowing leaves is overwatering. Have you checked the roots?
Those look like old base leaves. I wouldn’t worry about them. At some point the original leaves will wither away.
@Blau_Ozean Not yet. I was worried they might be getting soggy since the leaves yellow fast.😞
Is this a Chinese evergreen? Where is she sitting light wise? If it is a Chinese evergreen they don’t like too much light. They thrive in med to low light. Maybe she is getting too much as she looks quite pale. Mine sits mostly in shade 3m away from a north facing window and seems very happy (so far fingers crossed!) They also like to be misted daily.
Could be excess of water or light. Please check the plate bottom it's dry, and don't let the plant under the direct light πŸ’šπŸͺ΄

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