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Any information on repotting this beauty, soil mixtures, watering schedules, placement from windows, South window or East window? New here and New to house plants! Not sure what type of fern this is but it feels crispy tho the soil is saturated, came with a straw watering system but straw went missing!
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Ferns usually grow on the forest floor or on trees, so you’d want a soil that mimics its natural environment. Usually something chunky with bark in it. edit: a tropical potting mix with some extra bark and perlite thrown in. being understory plants they also don’t like harsh sunlight so I think that a north or east facing window would be best. If you want to put it in your brighter rooms I would just move it further back so the sunlight isn’t hitting it directly. They also like high humidity.οΏΌ
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Ferns like the soil to stay moist. Humidity and keeping them out of the sun helps the leaves to stay softer. However, those fern's leaves aren't super soft and silky, they are naturally slightly tough.

It sounds like your fern was in a self watering pot- if you can find a creative way to replace the straw, that might be helpful. (:
Did the plant fit inside the pink pot? What's the bottom of the plant's pot look like? You might be able to keep water in the bottom pot depending on what the bottom of the plastic pot looks like.
Do you know if the straw needs to be tiny or would a normal straw work. Do you think it needs repotting to grow faster?
Do you happen to know the scientific name of this type of fern?
So an east facing bathroom would be ideal, maybe 30ft away from window?
@HeiressChollipo as far as I know repotting doesn’t make plants grow faster, unless the growth has stalled due to being root bound.οΏΌ putting it in a pot that’s too large could lead to conditions which cause rot. Unless there is some problem with the pot/soil its in, your plant probably doesnt need the stress of repotting.
@HeiressChollipo For an east facing window I’d suggest 3-5 ft. But this really depends on the individual species. I have mine on the sill of a NE window and its thriving.
I planned on putting it in the orange pot just don't know how
@HeiressChollipo fill the botton 1/3 or so of the pot with soil. Gently loosen the bottom of the root ball and place in the middle. Fill in the space around the sides with more soil. You can slightly press it in place around your plant. Then give it a little water.
If you are going to repot be very gentle. There are lots of videos on youtube showing how
I agree with @AggroResting typed!

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