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Adopted from my friend who's unable to take care of the plant. I have watered her today. What else should I do to revive it.
3” pot
Last watered 1 month ago
By looking at that picture I would pluck the dead, make sure there's plenty of drainage and lots of indirect light 😊
Oh my goodness….Definitely what @jazzyjess suggested! I would also check to see if it is root bound. It kinda looks like it might be. But, drainage is a must with PeaceLily’s! And Lots of Indirect Light 😊 Good Luck 🤞🏻🪴💚🪴💚🪴💚
I’ve noticed they need good soil that drains and dries faster. Otherwise the roots stay wet too long and it gets ugly looking. And it can’t get better if the soil stays wet too long. So a soil with lots of perlite for drainage can help. You can just add perlite to soil or buy some that’s already mixed with a lot. That may help.
@AnnMarie420 exactly what I was thinking. May need soil that drains and dries a little quicker. I had that problem with one myself.
All of this is great advice. May I add, peace lilies like to be tight in their pots. This would also be a good candidate to hang upside down while it's recovering.

Hanging the plant upside down releases the tension on the stems and allows them to get stronger.

Regardless, whatever you do, it will months and months so see a good looking plant. Be patient- you can do this!

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