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Our Peace Lily isn’t looking so peaceful 😭😭. Neither is our Alocasia Polly
Has anyone experienced their peace lily roots getting super mushy and leaves dropping out of no where? I’m thinking its pests 😭😭. Our Alocasia Polly has healthy leaves too and now week by week the leaves are going. #PeaceLily #AlocasiaPolly #Alocasia #AlocasiaAddicts
Yes. This is probably due to overwatering and root rot. Welcome to Greg. 😊
Oh no!! I wanna say the Lily issues is a mixture of a few things! One that pot is really big for the plant! Meaning, there seems to be a lot more than than roots. Like a lot more and that can lead to overwatering/root rot. It can also lead to under watering believe it or not cause you water thinking you’re getting all the soil wet but the roots aren’t getting anything
Also, does it get direct sun? They don’t like the sun rays and are happy in the shade
@Pegster I was thinking that too. Do you think the leaf color has any correlation with the leave Lilly and the Alocasia ?
I would repot in a smaller plastic nursery pot! At least until the plant perks back up. And for the Polly, maybe try giving it a more shaded area? It looks dry and also like it’s reaching for the sun? Since there’s only one good leaf yet, it’ll be happy in some shade
@jcPlantProper oh my goodness! Thank you so much!! I was telling hubby something similar! We’re new to being plant parents (a little over a year ) and there is so much to learn!!! Thank you sooo much!!
@ShiraHeals you’re welcome! Welcome to the community:)
@jcPlantProper just found these webs too 😭😭😭😭
The alacosis Polly should be given more shade direct light causes sunburn. Burn holes will appear in the leaves a pot with drainage will help with overwatering. Alocasia plants are prone to spider mites.
@Pegster and thank you so much!! I feel so welcome here!!! I love it!!!!!
@Pegster awesome!!!! Changing the scene right now!! We found this web on the back of the lead too 😭😭😭
@ShiraHeals yep! Spider mites. Remove those leaves and wash your hands asap! Keep the plant away from the others and wipe it down w soapy water (and the pot)
The webs are probably spider mites.
@jcPlantProper AHHHH!! Ok!! Doing it now!
@Pegster tackling it now!!! Thank you so much!!
@ShiraHeals welcome!! Hope you enjoy the community as much as we all do!!
@Planthoader Thank you Catherine!!
@ShiraHeals mines doing that too idk why
@Planthoader thank you so much Catherine!!!! I get so excited coming on this app and feel great in this community so farπŸ₯°πŸ€ŽπŸŒ±βœ¨
@AshleysEvrgreen it could be the same as mine Ashley!! I think mine was a combination of things! Change of weather (I live in PA). Root rot (hubby loovvess to water the plants πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜….) Some little buggies I couldn’t identify 😭. A pot that was possibly too big for the plant 🌱🌱🌱. So I took it from the old pot and soil, literally took out all the soil and literally washed the roots down (held it over the balcony and washed the roots out with water), shook the roots dry, and repotted it with brand new soil. I’ll let you know how this turns out for me
@ShiraHeals I told my hubby better than the β€œother β€œsocial media”!!!

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