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What counts as a grow light??
I just use normal lamps. My Mamaw says it’s fine and it works but idk. #GrowLights
I think they count if they are close enough to the plant, and bright enough.

That being said, you may want to swap out the bulbs in your lamps for bulbs that are truly grow lights. They fit the standard socket but will give a better range of light to promote growth, or blooms, or whatever you're trying to achieve
GE makes grow light, light bulbs for lamps!
Not sure about regular lamps I would figure they may give off a little bit of the same effect but in the end it wouldn't quite be enough and stunt the growth and health of the plant. You can get them for very good prices online and in-store. No specialized place or section just right there with the regular bulbs. This way the plants can get whag they really need and your pocket won't hurt a bit over it. I ordered one off Amazon before realizing I could have got one from the dollar store or any store close to me probably for cheaper too. Best of luck to you though. Be sure to give them some sunlight though they really need the good stuff β™₯︎
For Example: LED Day light 5000K, 1600 Lumens. This is going to work well for succulents.

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