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Will it's pretty leaves grow back after pruning it? Was sunburned
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
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Air plant flowers don’t come back once they’ve bloomed! You can still snip off the flower, as it’s not gonna come back. Now, if you give them a happy spot, they’ll gift you with some pups that will produce a flower eventually 🥰

I actually think I see one on the side 👀👀 you can do 1 of two things:

1. Keep the pup with the mother plant or

2. Wait till it’s about a quarter of the mother plant’s size and separate!

More info on these babies 😉:

A DTA mother plant will eventually die once it flowers. However, they will always (if conditions are favorable) grow pups! Don’t be alarmed if momma is dyin and babies are thrivin, that’s part of the process! Like I said before, you can separate or keep together. Separating promotes more pups from the mother plant while leaving them alone will create a clump of DTAs! It’s just personal preference 🥰💙 Happy Growing!

Also, Fun Fact: not many people know this about DTAs! When watering these babies, also water the stem. Bromeliads have a reservoir that collects water and is essential! Their roots do need to be watered from time to time but I focus on the stem when it’s watering day!
Good afternoon, Mallory! Welcome to Greg. (:

Your bromeliad's flower is looking spent. As the plant ages, the flower will die away, followed by the rest of the plant. BUT your plant will push out pups that will continue to grow beside the mother plant.

The mother plant will start to slowly decline until you finally put it out of its misery (when you're tired of watching it die). My plant lasted almost two years after the flower died.

It looked BAD the last few months, but it put out six pups along the way. When the pups are about 1/3 the size of the mother plant, you can pull them away and repot them if you'd like.
I stopped giving my plants sun light. I’ve been using artificial lights for some time now and my plants are looking lovely as ever. No browning tips. No temperature swings.

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