Posted 2Y ago by @DinkumFuchsia

Looks soggy

10” pot
Last watered 2 years ago
@DinkumFuchsia is that a current pic? If so yes the soil looks soggy. Need to get a pot that has drainage and repot it if you can.

When chickweed appears, it's commonly in weak lawns that are suffering from poor drainage or overwatering, but they also have a preference for nitrogen-rich soils. Shade and frequent watering encourage its growth. Cultural control methods for common chickweed include hand pulling when small patches appear.

The plant grows easily in a moist soil and full sun or partial shade. It can be very lush and vigorous when grown in a fertile soil, but in infertile soils it will flower and set seed while still very small. A very common garden weed, chickweed grows, flowers and sets seed all year round.