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Experiment with golden pothos, ZZ leaves and cuttings and a golden pothos with Monstera adansonii cuttings
Exciting results in less than 2 weeks. I had a ZZ Zenzi with root rot, but was able to save a couple of leaves and shoots. I started them in water on their own then added GP to those babies.
Also decided to add GP and Monstera cuttings together, I'm amazed at such fast results, they're tiny but noticeable 😊 #sciencewithgreg #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #greggang #greggers #newgrowth #plantmafia #propagationstation #planttherapy #monsteramob #zzplant #pothospack
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@Sassylimey I agree!! Thanks to @kscape’s experiments, I’ve been adding faster rooters to all my prop stations, and it’s a big difference!! I also added a tradescantia purple heart to one and the little guy in with it is FLOURISHING!
Yay!!! Watching the rhizome form is fun 🀩
I have to try that! 🀩
The credit goes to @kscape who started the #sciencewithgreg. I would never have thoughts of this, it's soo exciting to watch, and I mean watch they're on my kitchen windowsill so every time I go to my sink I'm checking those cutting out for more growth 🀣
@Sassylimey Happy you are getting good results. πŸ’š
@Sassylimey @emmybee both of you are amazing and so happy to share this space with you! Let me know results please!! Sending good vibes!🀞🏽✨
Will do @kscape πŸ₯°

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