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What are these black dots on my sensitive plant??

So I have a sensitive plant, which is doing fine, and need constant watering. It has grown a lot and has a lot of flowers at the moment and seems to be doing really well. However I noticed today that a lot of the leaves have heaps of tiny black dots on them, they aren’t bugs or anything, it’s actually in the leaf. I’m not sure what they are or if it is even harmful. I water it every 3 - 4 days as it needs wet soil otherwise the leaves die and it is in direct sunlight all day. Any advice as to what this is?
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 weeks ago
Leaf spot disease maybe?
Symptoms - Brown, orange or yellow spots will slowly move spread across the leaves, sometimes accompanied by dark circular bands on the lesions.

Causes - Poor air circulation, excess of moisture on the leaves and high levels of temperature or humidity. This disease can sometimes go hand-in-hand with over-watering and root rot.
Source: pests-diseases" target="_blank">
@Sierrajelsegood I tend to agree with @AmberMallow.

I entered the plant's picture into a diagnosis app that I paid for, and took screenshots of the info