Posted 3w ago by @Dngrzn

What pest is this?
These pests have already taken one of my monsteras (about a month ago) and now spread to this baby somehow 😭. Been spraying neem oil mix but i feel like they're only getting worst, already killed a new leaf on this baby. I’ve found them on top of the leaves but now finding them in groups under and inside new growths. The leaves start to turn brown from their nutrients being sucked out. Long "maggot" like bodies, as far as I can tell they can't fly, they just move around on the leaves once I discover them. πŸ˜”

Also haven’t spotted them on other plants yet, except I just noticed one pest on my spider plant.
Whiteflies? Get some neem oil. Treat once a week. Isolate the plant from your others.
Ew. Maybe thrips. Have you hosed the plant off really well and repotted it yet? Monsteras are tough, they can handle a good shower.

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