Posted 2M ago by @Plantgirly13

Help I think my plant is dying!

Is my plant too far gone or is there a way to help her look healthier?
1ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
Since it's on one side facing the window and only a ft away I'm assuming it's leaves are getting burnt. Calathea plants don't like direct light at all. They are more of a low light type of plant because they burn easily. So I would move it back and trim all the burnt leaves so it can focus on new growth.
You can always try propagating, so it isn’t too far gone, plus it still has a lot of green left.

What has changed in his world in the last 6-8 weeks?

I see about three or so things I’d check: has he been in direct sunlight or lacking sunlight? Do you water him with distilled or filtered water? How wet is his soil now and in between watering? Is all the excess water able to drain when watering him? Is there standing water in the cover pot?