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Before I buy...

I was thinking of buying an anthurium, as I've always found them very pretty. However, I need to know some things before I buy. Is there any specific soil type or specific pot that anthuriums prefer? What other general care tips are there? (Sunlight, water, etc.)
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@GardensOPlenty You’ll need a dedicated grow spot for them with high humidity and medium indirect light. soil or growing medium depends on where you are and the level of evaporation you experience. You can choose to grow them in either a mixture of long sphagnum moss and tree moss with a bit of volcanic pumice mixed into it or a much more complex mixture of that is soil, pine bark/orchid bark, leca, volcanic pumice, horticultural charcoal. Keeping in mind that they don’t like wet feet but require high humidity for their foliage which can lead to getting gnats if you are not cautious with their growing medium’s moisture. They prefer damp medium that is consistently damp but. Ever wet. Bottom watering only and you would also want to check the roots so a clear pot will be best for anyone starting or a pro. You’ll need an humidity monitor to keep the leaves looking their best. Water is for roots, humidity is for leaves. I always recommend a smart humidifier to keep them happy but a spot in the bathroom or near a sink will work.

Anthurium tend to be fussy if the conditions are not ideal. If you want to get started, I would say get a small one (seedling stage) that you can get accustomed to that way you aren’t making a huge investment in it and grow it to get used to their care. Once you feel you understand them, you can move up to a larger one. Just remember that plants grow so make sure you have the room for them to grow their foliage; check their specifications on the type you are buying and gauge whether you can grow it comfortably in the long term. Their leaf size is key and you can learn about that by looking online.

I have several posts where I’ve answered these questions and others on Greg. I’ll see if I can find the links and share them here.
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@UltraKoreanfir here for the responses. πŸ‘€ I keep several anthuriums but I have trouble getting them to bloom. I’m giving them more sun and recently misted with giberellic acid, but it can take over a year for that to kick in. I might add supplemental light.