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Struggling sundew

I’m learning more and more about #CarnivorousPlants and I really want this little #Sundew to thrive. I killed my first one because I let him get too wet and stay that way. I have this guy in succulent soil and water him with distilled water. I let him dry out for a few days and then made a bog again. I’m wondering if I should repot him in the carnivorous soil mix I just got, or just leave him alone. He’s not browning, but no dew yet either. I hate that I can’t figure out this guy! Help!
3ft to light, indirect
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 months ago
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Also- if your succulent mix is very chunky, bottom watering may not work as well…. The water can’t absorb up the substrate if there is more space than substrate at the base of your pot- BUT it looks like your mix is a pretty dense mix for a succulent mix- so you should be okay. Do you know what is in it? If it’s coir and perlite, it may be a bit alkiline for what carnivorous plants prefer, you could add some peat to the top and water from the top for a bit first, to let the peat soak down and help bring the ph down a bit. If you have a ph meter/hygrometer check your moisture and ph in a few places in your pot to see where you’re at. If you’ve let the substrate dry completely- it’s possible as well that your succulent mix has become a bit hydrophobic (the water just flows straight through some substrates once they’ve dried completely), and the only fix is either soaking the entire pot to saturate again OR misting slowly until water drains through, waiting about 15-30 minutes and repeating several times until you can feel the pot is substantially heavier/ holding moisture again. Most sundews don’t ever want to dry out entirely- but don’t want to be swimming constantly, either…. You have to get your timing down perfect (which is where bottom watering helps a TON). My friend has an outdoor pond and I talked her into adding some carnivorous plants a few years back. We stuck them in the pond so they have constant water access- and they’re all quite happy! Sundews are one that would enjoy a setup like that. She gets cold/snowy winters- so they also get a solid dormant period that way.
I’ve been having issues with a flytrap I got free because the store was taking the display down…. And he was sad. I found a tip on another site that seems to be working for him…. He gets water to about 1/5 of the way up the pot side (which means it’ll be deeper for larger pots, more shallow for smaller pots.) Let the water soak into your soil, and dry from the base completely- then refill with fresh water (I’ve also been washing my dish at the bottom when I refill- and I have a few large horticultural char pieces in the water just to help collect any junk that condensates into my dish. He’s formed many new traps, and now that he’s happy I’m about to cool him down for winter dormancy. Have you checked to see if your species of sundew requires winter dormancy? I haven’t had a sundew in a while but I think I had to stick them in my chiller as well, or they’ll eventually start to head downhill due to years of no dormant period.