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Can these be propagated?
My cat knocked over one of my succulent arrangements today, and these leaves were the casualties. Any tips on what to do with them would be greatly appreciated! I’m new to plants and have never propagated.

Edit: A couple people have suggested putting them on soil so I’ve done that and have put them in a window
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Put them in water idk if it can be propagated but if it can put it in water just incase
I’ve previously experimented with putting succulent leaves on top of a tray/pot with soil. If you make sure to mist them frequently and give them lots of sun they will eventually start creating their own little individual plants, it’s super cute!

I haven’t tried with a ghost plant though.
@vvvelo any thoughts?
I personally would leave the cuttings on dry soil for three to four weeks. They’ll either sprout new small plants or send roots out. As soon as you see that you can bury the root and begin watering and they’ll grow. Remember that the babies need water to grow but don’t overdo it else they’ll rot!
Excellent advice here! I would follow exactly what @TinyDog has said! @TempestasVulpis
You did everything right. Just do not keep them under direct sun.

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