Posted 3M ago by @UphorbiaUphoria

Is this fungal or something else?

I got this #CebuBluePothos and as a new plant mom I didn’t think anything of the yellow spots because I didn’t know better. Now that I’m learning more, I’m concerned about their appearance.
I have inspected multiple times for pests and to the best I can I’m not seeing any signs. I decided to remove these two leaves and wiped him down with alcohol. I will be repotting him soon into a nice custom aroid mix with a moss pole as well.
Any insight to diagnose and treatment suggestions are all welcome. Thank you!
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4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
@UphorbiaUphoria Hi! 2 things come to mind: 1) Could be root bound - so it’s good you’re planning to re-pot and 2) I think it may be getting too much light (depending on how far you have it from S window. Best of luck! 🍀
@SunnyPlants I’ve only had him about a week now so idk what lighting conditions he’s been through. He also clearly has multiple cuttings in one pot so the rootbound is potentially likely.
The circular pattern on the one leaf is what started making me concerned for fungus or something.
What are the lighting conditions in your place? This could be from a change in environment - especially if they were in a humid nursery and got sent to a drier home.
@pothosslut it was like this when I bought it. But here is a photo of it currently. In front of a south window, bottom half of window has privacy film that’s UV blocking but the top half just has the lace curtain. So it’s not getting direct sun but the dappled direct comes in right over top of it throughout the day, it’s just really early so it seems darker in the picture.