Posted 3w ago by @Newbieplantmom2

How do I prevent the new leaves from curling and tearing
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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Make sure the plant is getting adequate water, and not too much. Because the leaves are so big they need the perfect amount of water to keep them sturdy. Also they love a good misting a couple times a week. Although again splitting is normal in large leaf plants οΏΌ
Some splitting is natural but mine were splitting a lot. We ended up moving it somewhere more protected from the wind and that really helped. Curling at the edges may mean it needs more moisture.
@sarazel thank you! The plant is receiving direct southwest sunlight. Is that okay?
I have mine outside on a west balcony in zone 7b and it's doing really well. It's leaves are ripping, but that just because all the tornado-like winds.

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