Posted 4w ago by @SlickJewelplant

What does this mean?
6” pot
Last watered 2 weeks ago
@SlickJewelplant looks like a stalk is dying off to me.
Welcome to Gregs! Sorry about your plant. 😟 Do your pot have drainage? Your plant maybe overwatered. Don’t let it sit in standing water.
It rains almost everyday (in Savannah, Georgia), so my plant is getting less sunlight, so it requires less watering.
What type of water do you use? Snake plants don’t like chlorine in their water. I use filtered water to water my Snake plant.

If you decide to trim off the dead part, then use steriled sheers and try to keep the cut just inside the dead material, so your plant won’t get injured. In other words, DON’T cut the the green part on the leaf. I hope your plant will live long and prosper.

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