Posted 3w ago by @Jillysavage

What size pot?
What pot size would I repot my Hoya Curtisii in? I just got it and I’m very new to this plant. Thanks!
In a pot 2 in above what it’s in right now!! If it’s in a 2 in go to a 4 and so on and so forth!
@Mrgncrch thank you!
I have 4 Hoyas and just re-potted 2 of them from a 2" pot to a 3" pot. You don't want to give it a much bigger pot, they like to be snug in their pots and too much room will cause them to try to produce more roots and less growth. Be patient, Hoyas will grow, but a much bigger pot might slow them down! Mine are really taking off. All the best with your Hoyas. Plenty of advice at #hoyahangout 😊🌿🌱
@Sassylimey awesome thanks so much!

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