Posted 2Y ago by @VibrantDovetree

What can I do to save this polka dot plant :<, did i gave...

1ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 years ago
You need to be really careful with watering your plant, because that pot don't have drainage. It may be a shock from too much sun. Put her somewhere else at least in bright indirect sun.
And if soil is dry, like dry dry at least whole finger down, water her if not wait.
Hope this helpsπŸ˜‰
They like high humidity. They love terrariums. But they don’t like to be over watered. I would put it in really high humidity. And cut back on watering. Or put it in a closed terrarium. You can look at tutorials on YouTube. Best of luck. πŸ₯°οΏΌ
@LittleCrow it has a good drainage!. I watered her and changed her to a place with less direct sunlight. Im gonna keep an eye on her to see if it helps
@SummerLily07 if you have drainage change that in plant bio, its not same watering schedule when you have, and when you don't.
I mist mine every few days and give it tons of light. I agree with @SummerLily07 regarding humidity 😊 Fingers crossed for yours to come back!!
the soil looks really course in my opinion, like it has a lot of sticks and stuff. i’m not sure if it makes a difference, but my dirt for my similar sized plant is more soft dirt forward, and my plant is doing well! also watering you might want to do more frequently, i do mine every 4 days while the app suggests 8, if i wait too long it wilts like that. good luck! :)
Probably! I had to move the ones I planted on my front yard because they didn’t like being in the sun. Also, they do that when they need watering but the leaves wouldn’t be crispy. Are yours crispy? I can’t tell by the picture.