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Basal frond browning
Hi everyone. This is the first fern I am growing and in the past month it's been growing this beautiful frond and was initially really green, but it is now browning very quickly.
Not sure if this is alright or I am doing something wrong?
I am watering according to Greg's suggestions, but much less water than recommended.
Hope you've got some advice! #elkhornfern #staghornfern
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
That is so totally normal! In nature, they turn brown and harden so it can form a cup to catch water for the plant.  😁 Pretty cool, if you ask me!
Can also confirm - sheild fronds browning is normal!
@sarahsalith Do you leave them attached then? I pulled one off mine the other day in hopes of keeping a dreaded disease from spreading. I wish I had read your post first.
@StainlessLime I leave mine attached. That's just part of how the plant grows and matures.
Here's a REALLY old one.
Thank you! That picture is fantastic.

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