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Yall, idk what I’m doing so wrong here. I’m trying not to...

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Can you please include some photos?
@Gwenny.plants can you also link up the plant from your oasis? That'll help us see your watering schedule, how much light it's getting, etc.
@Gwenny.plants looking at your oasis, I'm guessing this plant is "Henry"? If that's the case, it says Henry is in a terracotta pot that doesn't have drainage. Can you confirm this?
@stephonicle yes! I was told it’s best to not remove them from the pot they come from in the store. The soil is bone dry
@stephonicle I’ve done the stick test to confirm the dryness of the soil
@Gwenny.plants I don't know who told you not to remove them from the pot they came in, but that's completely untrue! Succulents really need to be in a pot with sufficient drainage. They also should be in a soil medium that drains well, such as potting soil specifically for cacti and succulents, or regular potting soil with perlite added.

First thing I'd do is find a terracotta pot WITH drainage holes. Fill it 2/3 of the way with fresh soil. When you remove the plants from their old pot, gently shake off as much soil from the roots as possible (if it's really impacted around the roots, you can use a wooden chopstick to break apart the clumps). At this point you can either move all plants to the new pot together, or break them apart and plant them separately. Whichever you choose, place the plants into their new pot, fill remainder of pot with soil, gently packing it in around the base of the plant. Water, then add more soil if necessary.
@stephonicle okay. Do you think the amount of light I have is effecting it at all? I don’t have very much light and it’s just those types having and issue so I may try and find a different pot for them!
@Gwenny.plants Finally, you'll want to find a spot where they'll get DIRECT sunlight and only water when the soil is completely dry. Typically you only need to water succulents every two weeks, but Greg can help you set up the right watering schedule for your pot, soil, climate, etc.
@Gwenny.plants also keep in mind that the lower (oldest) leaves will dry out and fall off, which lets the plant focus energy on the newest growth. If those are the leaves you're talking about, you can either gently twist them off or let them fall off on their own.
@stephonicle okay!!! Thank you so much
@Gwenny.plants You're welcome! If you have any other questions feel free to ask 😊