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Bear paw thin and drooping leaves

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I have a relatively young bears paw that i try to water once every two weeks. Most of the light he gets is from a grow lamp. He was healthy looking for around 6 months but now his leaves seem to be a bit wrinkled and some are thin and drooping as you can see. Am I watering improperly? I use a spray bottle and spray until the soil is moist (12 sprays)
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
because he’s drooping i think maybe a tad bit more water? i have two similarly sized succulents and the app recommended more water for the bears paw that the other one i have.

also, how big has it gotten since you first got it 6m ago? maybe it’s time for a bigger pot
@SirLiquorice might have some more info!
When they get wrinkles and droopy that’s when the plant is telling you it needs water. I would fill the cup with reverse osmosis or distilled water if you have it and let it soak for 30 minutes or more so the soil gets completely soaked. It also appears it isn’t getting enough light. Try to add a more powerful grow light in combination with the one you have. You can find cheap full spectrum led lights from miracle bulb and similar brands. They have clamp on ones so you can put it in random places. Like this one.
Make sure the grow light is close to it and try to have as much light above it and on the sides as possible. Otherwise it will grow long and stringy looking and will be all unnaturally stretched out looking. But you can prevent that from happening by either giving direct sunlight for longer or adding more grow lights around it and above it. Or one really good one above it if close to the plant. They need pretty intense sunlight with most cacti and succulent types. And now that you know what to look for you will know when the plant is getting dehydrated and needs water. Don’t water based on a time schedule because you could be watering too early or too late. But I love that the Greg app reminds me to go check on the plant. Then I check to see if I need to snooze or water. When you water don’t water lightly. Let it soak and really get water. In nature most go long periods without water and when it finally does water it floods since it’s a storm or monsoon. Some plants will be underwater for awhile when it finally rains. Some cacti up to two weeks. So don’t water very often, but when you do, completely soak it. Let the plant tell you when to water. If no wrinkles or drooping then no water. Only water when it tells you it needs it. And the Greg app will learn your plant and seems to remind the people at the right time. But sometimes I do have to snooze and sometimes I have to water early and let the app know it needed water sooner than the schedule shows. Especially during hot summer weather in Texas.
I might actually order those lights in the link I sent above. I already have one but that’s a great price for 3. It’s normally like $25 for one if I remember he local stores price. And they don’t even give you a bulb which is $20 extra I think at the store here. That is a really good quality grow bulb it seems. I have a cactus that only gets light from that and it flowers a lot surprisingly. They need good light to be able to flower inside.