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When taking a cutting from my monstera, do I have to cut from the top of the vine/ newest leaf with a node or is it possible to take a cutting from the middle of the vine?
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Hey, Alicia!! It was a busy day yesterday, but I'm here ready to walk through this with you. 😁

My suggestion would be to for the top. If you go for the middle, you'll still be taking the top. So really it depends on how much you want to give.

If I were to cut mine now (and I just might since you are contemplating it), I would cut where my finger is pointing in the second picture. I have cut right above that node before.

In the third picture is the back of the stem where I cut about a year ago. So wherever you cut, the plant will continue to grow.

As you can see from the fourth picture, I've cut this plant many times.

When you are ready to make the cut- let me know, I'll do it with you.
You can take a cutting from anywhere as long as your leaf and node are healthy - and they all look healthy! Bear in mind that the plant will grow fuller wherever you take the cuttings. I'm checking mine because I lopped the top off a couple weeks back but I'm not seeing evidence of doubling at the top, though it has put out new leaves and stalks farther down. So, my goal of a fuller plant seems rather successful. What's your goal? 💚
@PlantzRLife55 By the way Alicia, I grew up in Bensalem. I love it here in Tucson, but you've got a far easier time choosing plants! Unless I build a little greenhouse, most moisture-loving plants are out of my reach. Even sneaking in little humidifiers isn't enough. And when I say sneaking, that's because my family thinks I'm already a little nutty over plants. Just when I finally got them growing! Anyway, I couldn't help but say hi from Bensalem. I'll be back for a visit around the winter holidays ☺️

Best of luck with your cutting. Are you propagating? I tell my hubby props will make great holiday gifts (if can bring myself to part with them!) Be well and happy growing!
@PlantzRLife55 @sarahsalith is the best to ask on this. She’s amazing.
@Paradox hi, thanks for that advice, I’m still nervous about taking a cutting from the middle of the plant because it seems hard to get the node without damaging the stalk of the main plant. On the other hand, I hate to cut off the top because they are the biggest and most beautiful leaves. I think every part of the country probably has its advantages and disadvantages to growing plants. When I see YouTubes of people from Arizona growing huge succulents outdoors I always get jealous lol. The reason I’m taking a cutting is because my son’s Monstera died and he would like to start with leaves that are already split rather than starting with a baby Monstera so I was thinking about giving him a big beautiful leaf from my plant
@PlantzRLife55 Alicia, I can't think of a better reason to take this risk than to replace a plant for a loved one. But! @KikiGoldblatt has been here a lot longer than me so hopefully @sarahsalith will chime in because I trust Kiki's gut more than my own! But in case you don't get additional help, this looks like wisdom-in-action
The closer you get to the node that you're gonna leave on the plant (I cut above the node, then trim the stem I cut making sure I have at least two nodes on my cutting) the less the existing part sticks out.

The first picture is a "good" cut. The second picture I could have cut closer to the node but I didn't.

When I'm standing back from the plant, you can't see where I cut it.
@sarahsalith OK I think I get it. I guess it’s just like a Pothos, you can’t remove anything from the middle of the vine and still have the end of the vine connected to the main plant. I was hoping it was different so I could retain the huge beautiful leaves that just came in but it’s fine because honestly it’s getting tall really fast and it’s probably going to run out of window lol. Thanks for your great advice and everyone else that has contributed to this post, I really appreciate it!😊🌿🍃🌱
@PlantzRLife55 you're son is gonna love it! Let me know how it goes. (:
@sarahsalith I did it 😭😅😎 I had my husband‘s sharp knife but I didn’t expect how hard it would be to saw through a thick tough stalk. I felt so bad for the plant, I kept apologizing lol. Should I trim the excess stem below the node on my cutting?
@PlantzRLife55 yeah!! I know it's nerve-racking.

I wouldn't worry about trimming the stem. Just plop it in a cup of water and you'll have roots in no time!

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