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sad day, need plant therapy :/
today has just been garbage. GARBAAAAAGE!! i woke up feeling very panicky and manic, and ive been overstimulated and nauseous all day because my body is on such high alert. i had a small meltdown which made me pissed and set off a fit of rage, during which i managed to throw a pencil directly at adaine and snap off two of her stems and crack her (handcrafted for me by a friend who i’ll likely not see again) pot. now ive got to go voulenteer for a bunch of loud, touchy children. just the worst, i just want to go home and stare at the wall and listen to critical role :( there’s a plant store on my way back from voulenteering, so i’ll definitely be stopping there. the day’s only saving grace. what are some funky pals that look exciting + make you happiest? i need to spend money on a green baby so i can feel better. #PlantTherapy #PlantsMakePeopleHappy
Aw hope you feel better, my calathea rattlesnake always makes me feel a bit better
I like looking at my burrows tail when I’m overstimulated because the patterns of the leaves are fun to follow!! i hope this helps you feel better
The leaves look like little dolphins 🐬 can’t think of anything happier than that. #StringOfDolphins
@nomoredeadplant I love looking at my String of Dolphins, the leaves look like they're Dolphins jumping on the air. @JThen They make me happy πŸ₯°
thanks for all the well wishes. today won’t get any better but tomorrow will be 😌 string of dolphins looks like it’ll be my next baby, so cute!!
I hope you feel better soon and remember it's called volunteering for a reason. You volunteer to do it, you don't have to. Please take care of yourself. πŸ–€
Hopefully tomorrow will be better. πŸ₯°
@nomoredeadplant yay enjoy!
@nomoredeadplant plant therapy always helps me with my anxiety and depression. My plant therapy is taking care of the plants I have. I don’t have room for more. But I do have room for succulents.

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