Posted 1M ago by @PanickedPenguin

Black stem on baby rubber plant

Ive read a few articles on why the stem turns black but nothing about what to do to fix it! #Peperomia #rubberplant
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Did u check for root rot? I would do that. If it is and the roots are black, you might be able to save that part by cutting off the black and place it back in fresh soil in a little grow pot with drainage. If the roots are fine, then maybe it's a natural thing. The plant looks healthy from what I can see. Is the plant showing any signs of stress?
I know, like my pothos have some black in their stems, but it's natural, nothing is going on. I've checked and repotted.
Is it mushy and soft? If so that's rot. Take it out of the pot and examine the roots, cutting off the rotted ones, and repot.
Thanks everyone, just curious what we mean by cut the root/stem. Do I replant the part above the black or do I need to propogate it first?

Looking ok otherwise. Now I'm wondering if it always had a black stem and I didn't notice in it's old pot (just repotted yesterday)