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When to repot?

I got this as a cutting a little while ago, and now it seems to be growing pretty quickly. How big should I let the cutting get before I move it into a bigger pot? #Zebrina
4โ€ pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
Itโ€™s got some time I let mine grow 3 to 4 inches to start new pieces to fill it out cuz I thought it looked lonely . They root fast and grow fast too . Just a suggestion
Hi, Lewis! I'm glad you found Greg! Personally, I've learned from experience to not jump the gun to repot. You can leaf that little guy alone for quite some time. Like a year or more!

Also, with this plant, it has super-fine, very fragile roots and many times the roots don't survive the repots. When you are bound and determined to repot, be prepared to probably chop and prop right back into the soil.

As your plant gets older, you'll find that it will need constant help to look its best. Many times, you can simply cut the stem in half and put it right back into the soil so the pot looks fuller.

A good thing to keep in mind is that you want to repot when the plant has doubled in size (but not necessarily for this plant) or the roots are actually running out of room in the soil. A random root sneaking out of a drainage hole is no cause for an immediate repot. (:
Sorry I took cuttings that measured 3 to four inches to propagate and fill the plant out . Yours certainly looks healthy enough to start this ! If you so choose .
Funny, I also had a cutting, it rooted and I planted it. It grew and instead of reporting I made a cuttings , let them root and I'm gonna plant them all together so I get a bushier plant.