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Hi!I was wondering what type of sedum this is? I've gotte...

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Hi Amy, I actually think it’s a graptosedum. Hard to say what type, a common one. It looks like there is that white waxy coating a lot do. If that’s visible it wouldn’t be a sedum, they’re very glossy
I am NOT good with identification but just throwing 2 possibilities out there, hopefully someone more experienced can confirm:

Ghost plant (graptopetalum paraguayense)

Sedum mendozae (graptopetalum mendozae)
Also: Golden Sedum?
I'm 90% sure it's golden sedum. If it is, it will start to turn reddish orange when sun stressed
@PoniesAndPlants Thank you so much for your response! It does have a waxy type coating and started out lighter green than they look in the photo. They also look MUCH different than my Golden Sedum and more like my Ghost Plant? Wasn't sure how long their stems get before needing propagation/trimmings!
@GhostyRose you’re welcome! I’m glad I could help. Graptosedum are crosses between graptopetalum & Sedum so you will see similarities, they don’t need a ton of maintenance…they do seem to prefer more light sedums and I feel like they need a bit more water than sedums. Good luck! Always happy to help!!!