Posted 8M ago by @TrueBluebroom

Browning and curling leaves on azaleas!

My azaleas are having a super rough time this summer. I saw their leaves start to brown and curl, so I moved them into a little@more shaded area. I thought maybe the sun was beating them up too much. Then I noticed they were drying out faster between waterings so I started watering everything the soil was dry (3-4 days).

But they look like they are still getting worse. Pleas help!
12” pot with drainage
Last watered 7 months ago
@TrueBluebroom Hey there! Sorry to hear about your struggling azaleas. It's awesome that you moved them to a shadier spot and adjusted your watering routine. Browned and curled leaves can be a sign of various issues. Have you checked for pests like aphids or spider mites? They could be causing the damage. Also, consider using a well-balanced fertilizer to give your azaleas a boost. And don't forget, chatting with local gardeners can provide some solid insights too! Keep up the TLC, and those azaleas might just bounce back to their groovy selves. 🌺🌞