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New to app

Hi Greg community! I am brand new to the app, but not to plants. Before I deep dive and add all my plants to this app, I have a question about the watering.

No matter what size container or when I watered last, all the plants I have added so far have an upcoming watering β€œin five days.” I am wondering if that will adjust based on the plant needs or is it a generic once a week water requirement.

I am still searching for a plant app that works for me. I love the community part of this app but I also like to have each plant requirements listed. Tell me what you love about Greg that makes it better than other apps.

I added a picture of my daughter’s Watermelon plant Flora that I keep teasing her I am going to steal. I have my own but hers is gorgeous. Pic just for interest. Thanks!
2ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
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Hi Kelly, welcome to Greg!

You are correct that the app learns about your watering needs. It is able to generate a schedule about 80-90% of the way when you fill out your plant card completely. The remaining amount is learned based on when you mark a plant as watered or snoozed, since the app can't stick ira finger in your plants growing medium. Haha.

What I love about Greg is a tough thing to answer. Community-wise I love that I've met some wonderful new plant friends, found plants I never knew existed, and realized my plant knowledge is much vaster than I thought.

As far as technical aspects:
I love that I can track progress photos of my plants and see how far they have come.
I love that I can see basic plant care info so when I have new plants coming I can start to think about mediums, pots and lighting before they arrive.
I need the watering reminders, I am a SAHM and before the app every plant I had got watered every other week, if I remembered πŸ™ƒ so that's a literal (plant) life saver.

This is my absolute favorite app and the closest thing to social media I have.

I believe that Greg learns your watering schedule based on your watering habits(water or snooze buttons in the app). You can snooze watering in Greg, and it will learn this habit. I guess eventually the app will learn it and adjust the schedule.
Also, you can use hashtags like #GregFeedback #gregteam to make this post visible for Greg team. @RJG knows more.
Hey Kelly, Great question abojt watering. Our watering system does learn your plants as @vvvelo said. When you first add one Greg is in a learning mode.

If we get you to water too early hit snooze. If too late hit water early.

We try to make a decent guess to start based on species, pot size, soil type and light so make sure the details are as complete as possible!

After a few cycles Greg will sync up and learn your plants. Some edge cases can take a bit longer to learn (lithops for example because they need so little water) but for the most part after a few waters we should be in a good rhythm.
Welcome by the way! We're so glad you found us!
Perfect this is what I need to know! Is there a way to search posts? I couldn’t find a search option before I posted. @RJG Thank you for the reply and warm welcome!
@PlantznBirdz unfortunately not yet. It's on our road map.

The best solution right now is to use community tags. I have a few for myself like #RJGAsksGreg. If you click on that tag it'll have all the posts that have ever had that tag in it.

Alternatively if you know the tag you're looking for you can go to your browser on your phone and go to (same as above) just switch out the part after "tag/" with the community tag you're looking for.

You'll see lots of community tags people have made. Also if you join tags when you click on them, they'll start to populate in your TL.
Hi @PlantznBirdz Welcome to Greg! I love the app because it doesn’t let me β€œforget” a plant when I’m watering or fertilizing. I enjoy tracking it’s growth via images and I love the community. Everyone here wants you to grow with your plants and it’s awesome to share woes, triumphs, and get access to the collective knowledge others are willing to share here. The best part? It’s about plants and not about people. It’s about what makes your plants grow and what doesn’t so all you’ll see are plant updates.

Some of us have tags we’ve created for keeping up with regular updates and everyone is welcomed to create their own or join other tags. Did I tell you it’s about everything plant-related other than people? 😁 That’s the best part along with being able to tag people and offer as well as give advice via experience. It’s fun and everyone here is great, AND! we all share the common interest of growing happy plants! That’s all I was looking for when I happened upon it and I am extremely thankful for it!
@AnthuriumQueen I have had a few days to play a little with the app and I definitely think I am hooked! The progress pictures is something I wanted, I’m so glad to see this app has that. And the community! I can’t wait to meet more planty people!