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Is there something wrong with my Easter Cactus?

Most of her looks really lush and green (at least since I’ve gotten this app), but some of her looks really dry and old, almost like ginger. Is this normal? If not, how can I fix it? #SucculentLove #dryplant #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #WhatsWrongWithMyPlant
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
How much water is it getting? How much sun? It depends.
How often do you water πŸ’§ and do you check the soil before watering? 😊🌡πŸͺ΄
Hi @CoolCostmary ! It’s kind of hard to tell exactly what’s going on in the pics. I think it’s normal for stems to get woody as they age. Some of the leaves look a bit translucent, which would seem to be from overwatering. The 4 th pic looks a bit concerning. Does it seem to be rotting? πŸ€” How long have you had this plant? When was the last time you re-potted it? On the plant card I noticed that you have it in a North facing window. I think it could be good to have it receive more light, possibly an East or SE spot so that it gets some morning sun. I’m curious to know how the roots look, to see what’s going on behind the scenes. πŸ€”
Also, you have a True Christmas Cactus here. I see Greg identified it as an Easter Cactus and as a False Christmas Cactus, but given the scalloped edges, I’m sure it’s a True Christmas Cactus. (Not as common as the False Christmas Cactus with the pointier edges.) I’m happy to help you figure out what’s going on with your plant. Hope to hear more about it. πŸͺ΄πŸ’šπŸ˜Š
What's your watering like? They look like maybe they're just older ones that are dying off. I have a...idk what season cactus and water it when it's completely dry and it's on our porch with full afternoon light (but not direct). You got this! ☺️πŸͺ΄
@SunnyPlants this is SO helpful, thank you!! I think I have a thanksgiving!
I tried to find a picture of it and had to crop one down to get a shot of it. I'm far too lazy to go downstairs to my front porch! Β― \ _ (ツ) _ / Β― but here's my Thanksgiving cactus! The poor thing is kind of shoved back there as other cacti have precedence over her.
I have this exact plant. The woody stem is normal and is her aging! I've been told mine is also a True Christmas cactus since it is soo old and the scalloped edges but then again, also been told its an Easter one πŸ˜† Mine is under serious rehab, so excuse her appearance! She was neglected for a long time, than loved too much so the original owner gave it bad root rot. I had to chop her all up and repot her in two different pots. But you can see she also has woody stems.. I agree with @Sunnyplants with the light green leaves, too much water, and not enough sun.
@pothosslut Yep, that’s the Thanksgiving one (or False Christmas Cactus). What color flowers does yours have?
Unfortunately we don’t have any better windows in this apartment. Hoping to move soon, though. I was told by my MIL that it was an Easter when she gave it to me, but I have no clue. She’s an old girl - the plant, not my MIL. Well.
In any case, lol, the brown parts are hard and not mushy, so I’m thinking it is just her age. I definitely under watered her for a good long time, but have been consistent since downloading Greg and have seen a lot of new growth. I’ve never repotted her before
Close up
@PlantBeach It’s hard to see which one you have, but I *think* it’s a True Christmas Cactus. Def *not* Thanksgiving Cactus. Are you rooting the cuttings in water or soil? I tried both, but had better success in water. Do you know what colors yours flowers?
@CoolCostmary Definitely True Christmas!! Nice!
My Easter Cacti. I have too many Thanksgiving ones that I’m too lazy to go try to get their pics right now. Lol
@CoolCostmary You could put a grow light near her if you have one or get a grow light bulb and put in a regular lamp. 😊
@CoolCostmary can you supplement with a small grow light? I've been just using that and seeing improvements. @SunnyPlants... both actually and both produced random results. So I think its general health was also in play. I found the woody ones did better in soil, the green did better in water. Changing water is a must, it got stinky really quickly. I found it was best with a green piece, in water, once roots started I placed in soil. Waiting resulted in nasty stink water, quickly lol and they got mushy. It blooms pink, so I've been told. I think I've only had it 6-8 months, it looks sooo much better than it did. I have some new growth!
Yay for new growth!! 🀩
Pink ones are soooo pretty!! 🌸
@SunnyPlants I want to say the flowers are pink? It bloomed really well in the fall!
@pothosslut Nice! I’m kind of obsessed with all of these holiday cactus! Just love the flowers, especially when nothing else is blooming! 😊🌸
@SunnyPlants how long and how bright when using a plant light? I have an Easter cactus and I accidentally drowned and then subsequently nearly burned her alive by leaving her in direct AZ sun. Poor thing. I’m hoping I can save her & get her to bloom again.