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Air plant care
I have a caput medusae and he looks good but when I touch he feels like damp too me, is he over watered or was he just extremely dry at lowes when I got him (his name is Romeo). I bathed him on Sunday and since they he hang on top of a humidity tray for my orchid maybe too much humidity…?
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It's probably a little bit of both. He shouldn't be squishy but he shouldn't be brittle either. If he's somewhere in between he should be fine.

Lowe's is the worst at caring for air plants so I'm sure it was pretty dry when you brought him home.

These guys don't mind some humidity, just make sure it isn't getting so damp that water can start collecting in the crevices between the leaves.

After you bathe him hang him upside down to dry, and then put him back in his home. As he is resting on the humidity tray make sure he isn't actually touching any water so he doesn't get soft spots and rot.

Romeo looks very handsome and healthy 😍
@tmbryant37 thank you 😊 I’ll keep up what I’m doing then he’s not squishy, I think I’m only gonna bath him once a week tho I’m scared if I go to twice a week (what tilly boost fertilizer says to do) he’ll rot
Happy to help. Once a week is plenty for these plants; I've never heard of one needing to be soaked as often as they say.

Some people will moat these instead of soaking them so if you go that route then it would be 2-3 times a week, but for soaking once a week is just fine

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