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Help! SOP looks sad
My beautiful #StringOfPearls is starting to look sad. I was hit with meale bugs but I cleaned them off and sprayed neem oil and plant-safe pesticide.

Since then they have looked like this 😞

Any advice to revive or safe them?
1ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
I’d probably just repot in fresh, dry soil. Remove any damaged parts and lay the healthy ones on top of the soil.
You have plenty of healthy parts that you can root
Can this be related to overwatering? I’d reduce the amount of water. And then just watch the plant.
if the yellow ones are mushy, it’s probably root rot. i agree with amanda that it might need repotting! just take the healthy parts and lay them on top of some succulent soil in a new pot and you’ll be good to go i think :)
Mealy bugs are the worst!!! I finally got rid of aphids, fungus gnats AND mealy bugs.
Try a soft toothbrush or paintbrush to wipe away the cottony webs. But also be sure to kill any adults that are creating the webs.
Might just need a little time to recover. πŸ™πŸ»
I pluck the yellow or brown ones off of mine.
Remove the yellowed leaves and determine whether the stems are in good shape. If they are, lay the stems, along with some of the healthy leaves on the soil, winding it around so that the nodes are close to the soil. You can sprinkle some soil on top of the bare stems to encourage roots to form. Don’t overwater, but spray the soil if it looks to be too dry.
If the stems are not in good shape and have rotted, you can start new plants with the healthy leaves and stem. As suggested above, lay the cutting on succulent soil and spray with water. You don’t have to lay the whole stem, but you’ll have a fuller pot the more nodes are on the soil. Then, I would put the container or pot with your cuttings in a clear plastic bag to create a mini humidity chamber. Sunlight should be bright, but not direct sunlight. Open the bag daily for a few hours to air, especially if you see a lot of condensation. You can increase the airing, then do away with the bag when you have good root formation and new growth. I found this method of propagation the most successful when trying to propagate String of Pearls.
That is so disappointing. Best of luck.

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