Posted 1Y ago by @ali

Yellowing leaf?
I’ve had my monstera in water for the last few months but moved it to soil yesterday because one of the leaves seems to be yellowing. It isn’t an old leaf it’s only about 6 months old I’m not sure what’s going on my plant has been healthy.
5ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
Overwatering maybe, you shouldn’t water this pant unless the top 3 inches of soil are dry. That can obviously be risky because you might dry out your plant to I’d say play it safe by giving it a day or two extra between watering and if no improvements maybe add less water whilst still sticking to the day or two extra between :)
1Y ago
@Ellelilian1904 it had been living in water for the last 4 months, it had been doing well but I noticed the yellowing yesterday despite the plant looking healthy so I moved it to soil so hopefully that helps!
Yeh It looks healthy and honestly I can’t see any yellowing but not sure wether that’s down to camera quality or light reflection…. But stick to what you’re doing especially with just moving it into soil :)
1Y ago
@Ellelilian1904 yeah it’s weird it doesn’t seem to be yellow but that part of the leaf is a bit lighter green than the rest of the leaf
Do you think it could need some fertilizer or was it getting more light on that part of the leaf.
1Y ago
@Gordo I don’t think it’s an issue with light as the plant has been in the same spot and it has been getting an even amount of light all over but I do suspect it may need some fertilizer so I made sure to use some when I moved it from water to soil the other day :) I used a mix of orchid bark, perlite and ocean forest potting soil to repot her
Sounds like a great mix. Keep a eye out for any changes and I’m sure Megan will pick up for you.

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